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Final Days for Fire For Effect Studios up on Kickstarter

Fire For Effect Studios only has a couple days left on Kickstarter for their Modeling and Sculpting courses campaign. They've made far over their goal, so there's plenty of stretch goals passed for added value.


From the campaign:

We would like to announce that the Sculpting Courses by James Van Schaik kickstarter is entering its final days. We would like to issue a warm thank you to all of the backers who have made the project successful and James is looking forward to teaching you all in the classroom.

If you haven’t had the opportunity to see the kickstarter yet, it is a series of eLearning courses with the everyday hobbyist and modeller in mind. The courses are complete guides to sculpting and modelling specific techniques and each course offers a wide range of resources for students.
High definition, non-time lapsed videos will show students exactly what they need to do to sculpt a detail or technique. In addition, helpful pdf and power point guides will take students through the steps and will highlight important aspects of the technique. References are provided as applicable and all of the classrooms have an eLearning campus where students can connect with peers and with James Van Schaik himself. It is more than just a sculpting tutorial; it is an eLearning course that has been designed with the same thought towards curriculum as a college course.

Right now, with the kickstarter, all of the backers will receive savings of up to 75% of what the regular prices of the courses will be. Plus, they are receiving many free courses and add ons at low prices for as little as a $15 pledge.

So if you have ever held a paintbrush and wondered if sculpting was something you could do, don’t miss out on the opportunity to learn all your modelling and conversion skills from a 15 year veteran of the sculpting industry.

The kickstarter ends December 9th so back it now!