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Final days for Feed, the Vampire Mythose RPG, on Kickstarter

Feed is a vampire mythos RPG with rules to let you play vampires from basically any setting or style you want. They've only got a couple days left on Kickstarter and are close to funding.


From the campaign:

Feed provides versatile rules for developing and playing in any sort of vampire mythos, whether your group's tastes run toward Stoker, Rice, or Whedon. Deep character creation and Strain creation implement your group's ideas directly into game mechanics; at the same time, Feed focuses tightly on the core themes of vampire roleplaying, with integral, session-structuring rules that keep each PC's growing addiction and transformation at the forefront of play. Feed's unique Trait and Hunger systems give you tools for vampire storytelling that no generic game can match, yet you remain in complete control of how vampirism works with your game's setting and style.

Feed is a 140-page game book that will be available in both PDF and print. The book contains the complete game rules, four sample Strains for inspiration and pick-up play, and a short guide to vampire fiction, with analysis and advice on adapting literary tropes to the RPG medium. When this project is funded, I'll release Feed under a Creative Commons ShareAlike license; the PDF version will be free, and the highly customizable system will be open for players and GMs to modify and redistribute as they please.