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Final Days for Dragon Kings fantasy RPG on Kickstarter

Dragon Kings, the fantasy RPG setting by Timothy Brown, is in its final days over on Kickstarter. They've made it to their goal and then some, so it's stretch goals for these last couple days.


From the campaign:

More Crowdfunding: Good news Dragon Kings fans, after the Kickstarter period is over we'll be continuing crowdfunding on our website until January 1st.

All money collected during the Kickstarter and our home site campaign will be combined for purposes of the stretch goals. This means we'll most certainly hit the 13th Age stretch goal and likely more! Pledge early for the best deals, because when the official Kickstarter campaign is over all future pledges will be subject to shipping charges for physical products.

Add-Ons: You've asked for them, so here are all physical items available for add-ons. Just increase your pledge (check out shipping charges below) and after the Kickstarter we'll send out a survey so you can tell us what you ordered.

World Book (Print), $39.99
Game Screen with New Dune Marauders Adventure (Print), $12.99
Gazetteer(Print), $19.99
CD (Physical), $12.99
Poster Map (Print), $7.99
Cover Poster(Print), $7.99
Dice Set, $9.99
Savage Worlds Rules Supplement (Print), $12.99
Pathfinder Rules Supplement (Print), $12.99

Add any of these ‘add-on’ items for the prices listed to any pledge level that already receives physical items for no additional postage charge! To add these ‘add-ons’ to any other pledge level, please also include $9.99 for US postage, $19.99 for Canadian postage, or $29.99 for other International postage (regardless of the number of add-ons added; this postage not subject to the International Backer Rebate)


4x Dragon Kings World Books, (MSRP $39.99ea)
4x Dragon Kings Game Screen with New Dune Marauders Adventure, (MSRP $12.99ea)
2x The Gazetteer (print), (MSRP $19.99ea)
2x CDs, (MSRP $12.99ea)
4x Poster Maps (print), (MSRP $7.99ea)
2x Cover Posters (print), (MSRP $7.99ea)
2x Dragon Kings Dice Set, (MSRP $9.99ea)
2x Savage Worlds PDF Rules Supplement (print) (MSRP $12.99ea)
2x Pathfinder PDF Rules Supplement (print) (MSRP $12.99ea)
Total: $397.76

Retailer Pledge Level Price: $238

Plus shipping: Domestic US Shipping $20.00 (included)
Canada Shipping: Add $40
Other International Shipping: Add $60.00

Thanks for all of your interest and support throughout the Kickstarter! We're grateful to have you as a fan.