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Final days for Dice Crawl from SoulJar on Kickstarter, new goodies unlocked

SoulJar only has a couple days left for their Dice Crawl campaign on Kickstarter. They've also just unlocked more pieces for the game. They're also holding voting on the next unlocked race.


From the update:

NEW RACE ADDED:Today we hit 250 backers (thank you!) which locks down the last "+1 Race vote."

Well the Dragonkin was popular, but the Goblin was even more so and on a vote of 18 to 13 the Goblin won! So from this point forward the Goblin card will be added to every boxed game (diceless, core game, or collector's editions). Congratulations to all of our backers for the new card (we here at SoulJAR *LOVE* adding free content to the game, we really do!)

As a reminder, we have added the Explorer (Class), Centaur, Lizardman and Goblin (as races) and have TWO class votes currently ongoing: