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Final Days for Critter Kingdoms: Anthro Animals Kickstarter Campaign

Dark Sword Miniatures has launched, and is already in their final days of (it's a really short campaign), their Critter Kingdoms: Anthro Animals Miniatures Line Kickstarter campaign. They're looking to expand their popular "Critter Kingdoms" set of miniatures, and it seems that's going to happen. They're closing in on being 4x funded, breaking through 8 stretch goals already.
The campaign has just 5 days left if you want to get in on the action.

From the campaign:

This project will be to expand our Critter Kingdoms Anthropomorphic Animal line with a number of new miniatures.

I would appreciate it if you could help spread the word on this next project even if you are not a fan/collector of Critter minis. Just letting other folks know about the project and your experience with the quality of our miniatures and speed of delivery speaks volumes with potential backers that might have an interest in this new project.

Another thing to consider - if you talk to top level painters like Marike Reimer, Jessica Rich, Michael Proctor, Rhonda Bender and Aaron Lovejoy, they will tell you that painting critter minis in between more traditional subjects is a wonderful way to decompress and try new techniques and have fun while leveling up their game and keeping things fresh. My wife and daughters love our Critter miniatures and I look forward to painting critters up with my daughters when they are a little older. Those will be some fun/memorable nights indeed.

We are still a tiny company in the grand scheme of things in both the miniature industry & gaming industry, and word of mouth about the quality of our miniatures/projects along with the speed of our shipping and love of this wonderful hobby is most appreciated.

This project will once again aim to provide a substantial value to show our backers how much we appreciate their support for our project and our growing Critter Kingdoms pewter miniature range. Lots of cool new Critter miniatures and some fun surprises have been in the works since early 2014.