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Final days for Counterblast

Airlock Games is coming down to the last couple days on Kickstarter for their Counterblast sci-fi skirmish game. They're more than 2x funded, so there's a couple goodies in with your pledge if you join in.


From the campaign:

Friday, March 21st is the last day to get in on the launch of our Counterblast project!

Set in an alternate Earth future past, Counterblast is a table top skirmish game of pulp sci-fi adventure where multiple factions vie for supremacy by achieving various goals and defeating their enemies. Players may choose crews made up of humans and aliens of the Galactic Defense Force, the freelancing merchants and mercenaries known as 'Lancers", the invading monstrous Edofleini, the fierce and Amazonian Neiran, or the technological terrors known as the Mekkus. The project is set to end at 9pm Central, Friday, March 21st. So what are you waiting for? Grab your rocket pack, set your ray gun to "fun", and check out the project!