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Final days for Cogz from Raez over on Kickstarter

Raez is in their final couple days for their strategy board games, Cogz. In the game, players are trying to help a steampunk professor clean up his lab. The machine that he's built for researching color has gone all wrong. Players are trying to help fix the color streams by playing tiles on the board. The game comes rather highly rated, being Mensa approved. The simple gameplay, yet deep strategy, means it's easy to learn but hard to master, being good for a wide range of players.

The campaign is more than 3x funded, but only has 5 days left on the clock. So if you want to use some of your holiday money on it, you'd better go quick.


From the campaign:

From the brilliant mind of Wesley Lamont, comes a genius (Mensa) approved board game! COGZ is an addictively FUN, strategy board game, set in a mad scientist steampunk world! Players (Cogineers) enter into a mad scientist's lab, where they must repair his Chromatic Contraption - a contraption that investigates color. Rounds and board size are determined with its ingenious gaming gadget and number of players. Once the board is set, players swap out colored tile pieces trying to be the first to rebuild the machine while advancing with points earned. COGZ is easy for anyone to learn, yet is deeply immersive for even the most advanced strategists. Its elegant design is color blind friendly, supports 2-6 players and is perfect for kids 8 years and up