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Final days for Chibi Pony Adventurers on Kickstarter

Impact! Miniatures has just a couple days left in their Chibi Pony Adventurers Kickstarter campaign. They've made 3x their goal, so check out the unlocks and extras for the campaign before it's too late.

Chibi Pony Adventurers


From the campaign:

Impact! Miniatures has entered their final 3 days of their KickStarter to create new Chibi Ponies. The KickStarter started with 6 new pony sculpts including Clockwork, Skeleton and Wizard ponies and they have be able to fund 8 extra new ones such as Druid, Sea Horse and Time Travelers.

The ponies are roughly 30mm in height and about $5 or less each as part of a KickStarter reward level.

Impact! has set a goal to unlock 7 extra figures before the project is over (First Mate Pirate, Barbarian, Bard, Alchemist, Chaos Hunter, Frankiepony and Vampire Pony). Stop by and check it out before it ends.