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Final days for Cheapass Games' Get Lucky, the Kill Doctor Lucky card game on Kickstarter

Cheapass Games has just a couple days left on their Kickstarter for Get Lucky, the card game based on their popular Get Dr. Lucky board game.


From the campaign:

Get Lucky is a compact, inexpensive, and fast-playing update of a Cheapass Games classic.

Kill Doctor Lucky is our award-winning board game, originally released in 1996. It's the tale of a crazy old man and the collection of murderers who want to kill him. But he's a very lucky old man, as his name suggests, so it is always a challenge to take him out!

Get Lucky is a card game based on the same idea. Each player controls two murderers, and Doctor Lucky is represented by a pawn that moves around the table. The turn moves with him, and Doctor Lucky's luck is represented by icons on the cards. When you're not trying to kill Doctor Lucky, you're often trying to save him from someone else! The game ends when Doctor Lucky's luck runs out, and someone finally manages to land the killing blow.