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Final days for Bug Hunt Corridors on Kickstarter

Bug Hunt Corridors is coming to the close of their Kickstarter. With two days to go, how high can they make it in funding?

From the campaign:

The Bug Hunt Corridors Kickstarter campaign is now in its final days. Design work on the Modular Room has been completed and those pieces are now offered as the final stretch goal of this campaign. The Modular Room consists of 9 separate pieces that can be mixed and matched in many different ways. These pieces are designed to fit within the 7"x7" basic foot print of the BHC but can be combined to make rooms of almost any size. Two different options will be available once the stretch goal is unlocked. First, you may select any assortment of Modular Room Pieces to create the room(s) of your choice, and/or you may select the 12"x12" Modular Room Bundle which will give you this popular room size at a discounted price of 15% off.