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Final days for Baueda's WWII Desert Fortifications Indiegogo

Baueda made quite a jump in funding in the past couple days and are closing in on their goal. There's less than 3 days to go, though, so if you want in, you'd better hurry.


From the campaign:

remember that you don't need to take any of the new codes:
15A22CB – 3 different medium + 1 small ‘dug-in’ markers (desert)
15A23CB – Fire control position + command base (Objective marker)
15A25CB – Medium battery emplacement (desert)
15A26CB – Large battery emplacement (desert)
15A28CB – 4 different 4 holes Infantry scenic bases (desert)
15A29CB – 6 different 2 holes small scenic bases (desert)

you can take the occasion to get any of the over 40 different models in the range and if you gang up with some friend to share the booty you can get as much as 50% off retail price on all of them!