Final days for Battle for Hill 218 and Sector 219 on Kickstarter

Your Move Games has just a couple days left on their Battle for Hill 218 and Sector 219 card game Kickstarter. They’re over 400% funded, so be sure to look and see what stretch goals and add-ons have been added to the campaign.

Sector 219


From the campaign:

We’re closing in on our $15,000 stretch goal. At this level, two exciting things happen. First, everyone who pledged at least $30 gets a free game (Hill 218, Sector 219 or My Kind of Town) for every $30 in their pledge (excluding international shipping). Second, we’ll do a re-theme of Hill 218 with players choosing the new genre — and backers can choose the new re-theme as their freebie.

We’re incredibly excited to have over 500 backers and to be over 400% funded — and we’re looking forward to giving away a lot of free games if we hit this next stretch goal.