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Final days for Baker Company's Winter War Kickstarter campaign

Baker Company is in their final couple days for their Winter War Kickstarter campaign. They've made more than 12x their starting goal, so you know there's plenty of extras and goodies available to check out.


From the campaign:

We have a new Baker Company website complete with forum and shop pages! Please excuse the next day or so as we try to iron out any kinks and I will be adding some forum sections as soon as I can do.

The Winter War section in the shop are pre-order only, and although you could purchase from there instead of Kickstarter, you won't unlock any more stretch goals! Photos of each miniature will be added as they are completed. A full release schedule will be added when I've worked it out - all you lovely backers will be getting everything first, so it may take a little bit of time to get stock together!

Pictures for the other ranges will be added asap and the Zulu range will be added back on to the shop once everything else is done.

Thanks again for all your support!