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Final Days for Ares Games Bomber Kickstarter, Snoopy Added

Ares Games is in their final 3 days on Kickstarter for their Wings of Glory - Giants of the Sky campaign. They're closing in on 10x funded, and it would be awesome to see them pass that. In order to get them there, they've added in a cultural icon, Snoopy. You can get Snoopy piloting his Sopwith Camel (aka - his doghouse) in the skies above Europe, searching out the Red Baron. You can either get Snoopy on his own, or as a bundle with the Sopwith Camel mini for the game.

From the campaign:

Ladies and Gentleman,

since we found out that our worthy Andrea Angiolino was modding Peanuts figures to use in his Wings of Glory games, we got obsessed by the idea of allowing you (and us) to do the same.

Now, thank to Running Press Book Publishers, we're proud to offer you as an add-on...

Is there anything else to say? Only that, in case you do not own a Sopwith Camel airplane pack yet (remember that one Camel is already included in the Rookie pledges rewards), we are also including a special "combo" add-on..

If you are interested in these add-ons, feel free to increase your pledge now or later with the Pledge Manager, the choice is yours!