Final days for AntiMatter Games ShadowSea Mini-Kicker

AntiMatter Games only has a few days left on their ShadowSea Mini-Kickstarter campaign. They’re a little over 65% funded. Will you be helping them make it to their goal?

Stretch Goals


From them to you:

We are nearing the end of the short Kickstarter project for ShadowSea, a “mini-kicker” that was set for only a couple of weeks. The project is close to funding but we need a few more backers to help produce the new Sunless Kingdom starter set, cast the amazon warrior Chimalma and the devious insectoid Clal-Chk adventurer, and finally, produce a new version of the Stygian Depths supplement along with two new snakemen miniatures. Hopefully we can fund the project and get to the stretch goals in the next few days, producing the Draconid Legion starter set and maybe even unlocking Kalath the Reaver, a draconid lord riding an armored triceratops.