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Final Day for Ninja All-Stars on Kickstarter

Ninja Division is in their last day on Kickstarter for Ninja All-Stars. Well, last hours, really. They've made it through 30 stretch goals, with bunches of add-ons and freebies tossed in to your pledge. If you want to get in on the rooftop-jumping action, you'd better hurry. Check below the cut for a graphic showing what you get in the two "standard-sized" pledge levels.

From the announcement:


We’ve already smashed through 30 stretch goals and have more to unlock. Join the Ninja All-Star Kickstarter and help unlock even more ninja goodness!

The Ninja All-Stars Kickstarter Ends at 10:00pm EDT (7:00pm PDT). Don’t miss out!

Choose one of two incredible pledges!