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Final day for Drake from Action Games Miniatures on Kickstarter

Action Games Miniatures has just one day left on Kickstarter for their Drake: The Dragon Wargame. Can they make it to $100k?

From the update:

I wanted to take some time here to take about our game and story, as well as where we are headed in the future. I also have some tasty concept art tid bits to share!

Cousins: Draconic cousins are a really interesting part of our development. Not only do they provide an awesome opportunity for living ancient beasts to run wild, but they offer important insight into the old world, and the structure of power created by Dragon society. Cousins are by and large fairly intelligent beings, many of which equal or exceed the mental capacity of an average human. The awakening was traumatic for them, and most were keen to keep the ties they shared with their Dragon lords. The new world is an exciting place however, and as the cousins become more adjusted to their new environment, some may begin to question their place, and wish to start exploring Dara on their own...

Speaking of cousins, the Lo'san have long been formidable guard beasts of Dragon lairs. Scavengers who are attracted to the remains of the mighty Dragons kills, they have for many centuries guarded their large master's homes with loud throaty calls alerting all nearby of intruders.