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Final Day for B-Sieged On Kickstarter

The siege is almost at an end! Only one day remains for CMON and Second Gate Games on Kickstarter for B-Sieged. The campaign has come a long way, busting through various stretch goals. There's a plethora of new heroes. There's new sculpts for monsters. There's scads of specially sculpted tokens. And don't forget the Zombicide: Black Plague tie-in cards. Add to that the Darkness & Fury expansion and there's lots for backers. A lot of the aforementioned goodies are Kickstarter-exclusive, so if you want them, you'd better jump in and pledge.

Be sure to check out all you get in your $90 pledge.

Loot Guide

And the add-ons.


The campaign runs out at 3pm, Eastern, on Tuesday. So head over to the Kickstarter page and pledge if you want all that great stuff.