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Final Contents Announced For Halo: Ground Command Starter Set

You've been waiting patiently (or possibly less-than-patiently, but I can't really blame you) and the time is almost here. Spartan Games will be releasing their second game to take place in the Halo universe with Halo: Ground Battles. We're just over a month away from you getting them and the final Starter Box contents have been announced.

So, what can you expect? Well, the UNSC gets a Command Base, 2 trooper units, a fire support unit, 3 Spartan bases, and 2 Warthogs. Meanwhile, the Covenant will be countering with their own Command Base, 3 Grunt Units, a HunterUnit, and 3 Ghosts. What else comes in the box? There's the rulebook (as you'd expect), stat sheets for all the figures, all the dice you'll need for the game, tokens, templates, and even some scenery.

The games will be shipped to distributors on July 20th, with direct sales to customers on the 27th.