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Final Attack! A cooperative Super Robot game up on Kickstarter

Broken Loose is running a Kickstarter campaign for Final Attack!, their new cooperative card game. Players pilot their custom mecha, called K-Machines, against the evil Robeasts. Like classic mecha cartoons and shows, your K-Machines can combine together to create an even more powerful robot and unleash the devastating Kaiser Attack. The game play is a bit worker placement, a bit resource management, and a bit theater.
They've got 28 days left on the campaign clock.


From the campaign:

Final Attack! is a real-time cooperative tabletop strategy game for 1-5 players. You will pilot the K-Machines, ancient yet technologically advanced fighting mecha that can combine to form Final Kaiser, champion of justice. You will do battle against shapeshifting mechanical monsters called Robeasts, gigantic foot soldiers of the starfaring artificial intelligence FANGER. Your only way to defeat these terrors is to use the Final Attack, an all-powerful weapon that takes the entire game to charge.

Final Attack! is a unique blend of card game, worker placement game, social game, and arcade game. You will play cards, you will move chips around the table, you will solve resource puzzles, you will yell attack names, and you will endure hardship by yourself or with whatever companions fate has provided, all in real time. The game takes between 20 and 30 minutes to play, and there is absolutely nothing else like it.