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Final 30 hours of Impact! Fantasy Football KS - new Ogres unlocked

Impact! Miniatures is in their final 30 hours over on Kickstarter for their Fantasy Football campaign. They've made it through a lot of stretch goals already, with more still falling.

Impact Djinn and Oni Ogres


From the campaign:

We are in the final hours of the KickStarter and have unlocked a lot of freebies over the last 24 hours for our 20 new spincast resin team KickStarter. Free Treeman figure for the Halfling team, Free Chainsaw figure + 4 goblin sized Octopi players for the Deep One team, a Free Witch Elf for the Dark Elf team, a free animal mascot to every backer getting 2 or more teams in the KickStarter and best of all 2 new 40mm Ogre Football players based on a Djinn and an Oni.