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Final 24 hours for XenoShyft Kickstarter

CoolMiniOrNot has just one day left in their XenoShyft Kickstarter campaign. They've made it well over their funding goal and have unlocked plenty of extra sets for the game. Go check it out.

Reinforcement Pack 3


From the campaign:

At the $185,000 level you're going to get the very last Experimental Item Set, as well as TWO new Troops! AND I'm going to give you NINE OF EACH OF THEM!

This is my personal reward to you guys for all the help you've given us during the campaign. It's been truly appreciated.

I am fully committed to giving you guys, the loyal backers, whatever I can to say thanks for getting us this far, and you guys have been requesting more Hive aliens for...well quite a while... This isn't super easy, however, as the art assets for them take a stupid long time to get done (amazing art isn't fast, as I'm sure you're aware!) and I want to make delivery time- that is one of my absolute highest priorities. But after speaking to our artist, we're getting four new Hive cards commissioned- one for each Wave... As well as a mystery surprise...

I'm not going to spoil it unless we unlock that goal though, so we'll see ;)

Lastly, I wanted to take a minute and talk to you guys one-on-one...Or...However one game developer can speak to a massive number of people on the internet...

Again, I'll do whatever I can to give you guys everything to make your gaming and kickstarter experience more enjoyable. The late nights, the rushing home to make updates when THE VERY POWER OF TECHNOLOGY IS AGAINST YOU... It's all worth it if you guys enjoy the product in the end. That's what's really important.

I'm ask a favor though, and it might not be doable, and it's pretty selfish, but I'm going to ask anyway.

Basically it's this- I'm proud of XenoShyft, myself and the development team spent so many hours, so much time pouring everything we could into it to make it the best we could offer. The Kickstarter has been wonderful in showing us support and appreciation, and I can personally tell you everyone in development values the feedback you guys have given...

I'm dedicated to giving you guys awesome kickstarters, that's what's in it for me- and I want people to enjoy XenoShyt. My personal goal during this campaign, that light at the end of the tunnel for me, was making this campaign the most successful card game on Kickstarter (and I mean pure card game on that definition).

We'd need around $215,000 to make that happen. Is it a greedy goal? Yeah, I cant even deny that, but I want that mantle- at least until someone else comes along and does it even better... and then we'll have to come back and compete again... Like a Rocky movie (which only makes you guys the real winners).

Can we do it? I honestly don't know. I came into this Kickstarter with no expectations since this was foreign ground for us (CMON doing cards, ha!)... But now I think we can reach that level... And if there's a chance then I want to take it... But of course we need you, the backers, to reach it. I'm not putting any pressure on you guys- you've done amazing already and if you ever see me at a convention I will personally thank you for your support. But this goal would be awesome to reach, and I have my hopes.

Let's finish the fight, backers! Let's show them just what we're made of!