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Final 100 molds available at Mega Minis

Mega Minis has only 100 molds left as they work to completely clear out their inventory before closing up shop.


From the update:

Prices include a nine inch spin casting production mold, master castings, any available images, and the transfer of world wide production rights. The molds below are all that remain of the initial 2,200 molds offered by Mega Miniatures. Contact Johnny Lauck at for any questions.

25mm mold ranges for sale
MEM-0003 Male Dollies $75.00
MEM-0004 Female Dollies $75.00
MEM-0005 Children Dollies $75
(All Dollie molds above contain multiples of five different poses)

MEM-10013 Giant Squid Swarm (2 molds) $150.00

DEAL-0019 Harpy $55
DEAL-0117 Sailor captain $55
DEAL-0132 Praying fanatic $55
DEAL-0211 Amazon with small phoenix $55
DEAL-0220 Amazon full armor and mace $55
DEAL-0221 Amazon full armor and sheild $55
DEAL-0344 Druid female with staff
DEAL-0402 Arabian entertainer lifting weights $55
DEAL-0405 Arabian entertainer juggler $55
DEAL-0409 Arabian entertainer contortionist $55
DEAL-0410 Arabian entertainer blowing fire $55
DEAL-0411 Arabian male slave $55
DEAL-0436 Arabian Knight guard $55
DEAL-1200 Female rat with knife $65

DEAL-20024a Tomb stone Round $55
DEAL-20024b Tomb stone Short $55
DEAL-20024c Tomb stone Rough $55
DEAL-20024d Tomb stone Cross $55
DEAL-20024e Tomb stone Tall $55

DEAL-0239 Fireman with mega phone $55
DEAL-0240 Fireman with crowbar $55
DEAL-0243 Jaws of Life $55
DEAL-0245 Fireman with Fire extinguisher $55
DEAL-0247 Fireman with medical bag $55
DEAL-0494 Men in Black hands on waist $55
DEAL-0495 Men in Black with machine gun $55
DEAL-0497 Men in Black with pistol $55
DEAL-0500 Men in black reacting $55
DEAL-0501 Important person Woman $55

DEAL-0359 Robot Maintenance $55
DEAL--1193 Female Dog Warrior (includes 3 greens) $100

NOTE: Buy all 20 Alien molds items 544 through 563 and receive pen and ink arwork, painted figures, and the "Star Bar" color logo.
DEAL-0544 Alien Bounty Hunter $55
DEAL-0545 Alien Bat with knives $55
DEAL-0546 Alien Diplomat $55
DEAL-0547 Alien Princess $55
DEAL-0548 Alien Thug $55
DEAL-0549 Alien Security $55
DEAL-0550 Alien Knight $55
DEAL-0551 Alien Waitress $55
DEAL-0552 Alien Patron $55
DEAL-0553 Alien Bouncer $55
DEAL-0554 Alien Band member singer $55
DEAL-0555 Alien Merc $55
DEAL-0556 Alien Band member with bongo $55
DEAL-0557 Alien Band member guitar $55
DEAL-0558 Alien Merchant $55
DEAL-0559 Alien with three faces $55
DEAL-0560 Alien Angry
DEAL-0561 Alien Dog Soldier $55
DEAL-0562 Alien Band member with horn $55
DEAL-0563 Alien Bar tender $55

28mm ranges for sale
DEAL-0714 Vampire with tommy gun $75
DEAL-0715 Vampire God Father $75
DEAL-0716 Vampire Power $75
DEAL-0717 Vampire with Guard $75
DEAL-0718 Vampire combat veteran $75
DEAL-0719 Vampire crouching in body armor $75
DEAL-0720 Vampire with heavy cannon $75
DEAL-0721 Vampire Commando $75
DEAL-0722 Vampire Lab Technician $75
DEAL-0723 Vampire Queen $75
DEAL-0724 Vampire Youth on skateboard $75
DEAL-0725 Vampire Youth with sling shot $75
DEAL-0729 Vampire with Tank killer $75
DEAL-0730 Vampire with Heavy $75
DEAL-0732 Vampire with Grenade $75
DEAL-0733 Vampire with Baret $75
DEAL-0771 Anus Hickey 75
DEAL-0772 Jerry Riggs $75
DEAL-0789 Drone Ranger $75
DEAL-0790 Dead Man with no name $75
DEAL-0791 Jonah Hex Bolts $75
DEAL-0792 Metal Hide Kid $75
DEAL-0797 Clank Along Cassidy $75
DEAL-0798 Sickle Cell $75
DEAL-0799 Padre with Auto-Pistol $75
DEAL-0981 Mint Eastwood $75
DEAL-0982 Marshal $75
DEAL-0983 Rivet Rider $75
DEAL-0984 Tic-Toc Holiday $75
DEAL-0985 Madam $75
DEAL-0986 Zane Gray $75
DEAL-0987 Four Armed Gunslinger $75
DEAL-0988 Senorita Silicon $75
DEAL-1103 Large Ammo Chest $75
DEAL-1104 Gas Cylinder $75
MEM-50010 Atrocitor War Machine (21 molds) $750
MEM-50011 DeadTech War Bike (5 molds ) $250

MEM-50012 Hover Tank Parts x 6 $250
The resin body mold and master no longer exist, but the metal tank parts do