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Fimirach Noble and Warriors Available To Order From Forge World

Much of the time, Forge World focuses on the sci-fi half of Games Workshop's catalog. We get new marine transports or some new Primarch. But this week they're heading to the Age of Sigmar side of things. Now, I didn't know that there were cyclopian lizard-men in the world, but I know now. They're the Firmirach.

There's two different sets you can get. If you just want a single Firmirach noble, you can get that. But if you want a whole unit (which includes a noble), you can get that, too. They're an interesting sight. Apparently they have anklosaurus-like tail clubs, which they can and will use as a weapon in combat. I know I would use it like that, anyway...
Ok, I'd probably just accidentally knock stuff off tables and kneecap people without meaning to.