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Fimbul Toughborns Released For Godslayer

Dwarves are such a hardy race. Look at them there, all snuggled up in their warm coats. I bet their definition of "cold" versus yours is drastically different, just like me and the rest of the population of Atlanta here. Though these particular dwarves aren't the "heavy armor, axe, and shield" types. They're more the "knife and crossbow" types, and they're available now from Megalith Games for Godslayer.

These dwarves work for the Nordgaard faction, which is the "viking faction" for the game. Not the usual xenophobic type of dwarves, either, they'll work alongside the faction's humans, ogres, and giants just fine. These ranger dwarves patrol the borders, making sure anything that comes across is either dealt with or reported on right away.