Filbot – The FDV1 Mako has landed

By Polar_Bear
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Nov 23rd, 2012

Filbo is pleased to have their first model now in stock and available for pre-order to you: The FDV1 Mako.

From the release:

The first resin Mecha model from is finished and available to pre-order on the 26/11/12

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  • cama

    Great looking mini! I clicked over to order it … and then faced the horror of the price

    The horror …

    The horror …

    Nice model though. WAAAAY outside my realm of price happiness.

    • Soulfinger

      Agreed. Saw the photo and did a nerd giggle of delight then saw the price and pulled a Redd Foxx — “I’m coming to join you, Elizabeth!” It’s that one mecha or an entire Kingdom Death game.

      • cama


    • leonmallett

      Can only agree on every count there.

  • Ordok

    I’m big fan of mecha but what does this news has to do with tabletop gaming ? There is no game, no rules. This is modelling site news not tabletop gaming.

    As for the price it is in line with other highly detailed resin mecha kits. Those are pricey and this one is not an exception.

    • If you say, “this model has no rules and therefore it doesn’t belong in tabletop gaming” than /every/ model from Kingdom Death before their currently-running Kickstarter should never have been put up on the site. Same can be said for everything from Studio McVey up until Sedition Wars. And Kabuki Models. And Ax Faction. And technically also Scibor and Puppets War and Hitech Miniatures and… well, I think you see my point.

    • 4tonmantis

      Unless I’m mistaken, the majority of Reaper Minis don’t actually belong to a specific gaming system either.

    • Krazy Ivan

      This does not appear to be a model kit that was intended for gaming. The price is in line with similar model kits for folks that just like to build and display them.

      • Soulfinger

        Everything is for gaming. I probably spend more money at Lowes on gaming supplies than I do the FLGS, so gaming potential is just as important as an actual game to me. I think plenty of us clicked on the link with serious deliberation about buying it, which makes it relevant. This looks like a one man operation, which needs the exposure and produces the sort of geek friendly model that fit right in here. Were this some kit from Revell then I would be a little off-put, but even then if some major model company put out a British Mark II tank that was the same scale as a GW Land Raider, I would want very much to know.

        If this guy could drop the price point on these to the $50 range and turn it into an Ogre style game with one or two 9″ mecha versus masses of 28mm figures then I’d be all in.

        • cama

          Bingo! Price point would be right, then.

        • Krazy Ivan

          My point is that it does not appear, based off the price of this kit, that gamers are the intended audience. Which is why it’s a little strange that this popped up here. It appears to be aimed at modelers/collectors. The price is in line with high end model kits from Gundam, Ma.K, and Dust (non-FFG) for example.

          • Soulfinger

            I guess that my point was that there are fan-made wargames for all those Gundam type model kits.

          • Ordok

            So you would argue that TGN should also have gundam kit news ? I’m also sure that plenty of games use 1/72 plastic figures. Maybe also cover those ?

            There has to be a line drawn and, in my opinion, this kit crosses it.

          • I personally wouldn’t mind Jason reminding me when the MG Tallgeese is coming out… but that’s just me.

          • Soulfinger

            Yeah Ordok, I meant that last post in a way that totally contradicted my earlier post.

  • Acharnement

    Not sure about the price, but I must complain, suggest, actually: Please! include a scale or at least a size of the model. It would encourage potential buyers.

    And of course Soulfinger is right: “Everything is for gaming!”

    • Ordok

      Bottom of the page:


      Confirmed casting of the MAKO will start late October/early november with an initial run of just 25 kits. Weighing in at almost 70 components and 9″ high this is going to be a big kit!……..Excited ”

      So the size is given. 9″

  • filbot
    • Soulfinger

      So, it is a Tau titan. THERE, now it is relevant to the site and cheaper than the non-existent Forge World alternative.