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Figure Painter Magazine Issue 41 Now Available

I really gotta get back into painting my minis. I've got 3 Guild Ball teams, resplendent in their pewter shine and resin grey, but they really could use to have some actual color on them. Every time I see a new issue of Figure Painter Magazine come out, I think, "yeah, this time I'll do it." Well, I've not got much going on this weekend, perhaps it will be the day. Oh, also, there's a new issue of Figure Painter Magazine out. My it inspire you to get your paints out as well.

So, what've they got going on this issue? Tons, as always. That includes the final installment of the Orc Warboss conversion from Roman Lappat. There's a 2-part story with HeraModels where they take a look at Kellath the Dark, as well as a painting tutorial by the company's owner, Diego Esteban Perez. Kabuki Studios recently came out with their Death Dealer mini, which gets an in-depth article with Kabuki owner, Rodolfo Goglia (lots of owners in this issue). Of course, that's just the beginning. Check out the magazine to see all of it.