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Figure Painter Magazine Issue 38 Out Now

From gaming in general to making your miniatures look as good as possible, I'm happy to tell you that Figure Painter Magazine issue 38 is now available. I know I could certainly use to brush up on my painting skills.
"Brush up"? "Painting skills"? Get it? Oh nevermind...

So, what all is in this issue? Well, if you're looking to mount your bust (stop giggling!), there's an article for that by Marta Slusarska. Or you can see how Greg Girault sculpted his Saxon bust. You can get a lecture in adding LEDs to dioramas from Marko Paunovic. And you can see what went on at the first SeminART by checking out Fernando Ruiz's Norman Warrior and Saxon Houscarl. The, as usual, they have quite a few review articles so you can know what supplies and minis out there are best for you.