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Figure Painter Magazine issue 32 Out Now

I really should get off my lazy butt and paint something again. I honestly can't remember the last figure I painted. ... Maybe some Ice Caste for Dark Age? Maybe something for the Prefecture for Bushido? I forget. Needless to say, when I do finally pick up a brush again, my skills are going to be weaksauce. However, I can still read up on techniques that'll help me when I do once more put colored goop to mini in Figure Painter Magazine, issue 32 of which is available now.

This first issue of the year is a biggie. 144 pages. Yeah. A lot of rulebooks for games aren't that big! What fills those pages? Well, all sorts of stuff, as usual, but the big, feature article is a start-to-finish tutorial of the Rogue Pirate mini by FeR Miniatures done by Fernando Ruiz. What would usually be in two issues has been put all in one. Along with that, there's the various review articles that the magazine is known for, taking a look at some products from companies like Tartar Miniatures, Big Child Creatives, and Broken Toad, plus more. There's also a couple interviews to read as well, so you can get inside the heads of some awesome painters.

Check it out now.