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Figure Painter Magazine issue 31 - Out Now

I actually painted something recently! Crazy, right? Granted... all I did was paint the tops of my Betrayal at Calth troop bases. Ultramarines got Ultramarine Blue (yes, I still have a pot that's called that. Citadel Paint is bulletproof) and the Word Bearers got Blood Red. Since they're all Marines, I needed a quick and easy way to tell the difference while playing. So... really, it wasn't much in the way of painting. But if I were going to really get into painting, I'd want to look over Figure Painter Magazine for tips and pointers. Issue 31 also just came out.

This issue contains such articles as reports from shows in Hussar, Monte San Savino, and Chicago (plus others). Along with that, they review models from RP Models, FeR Miniatures, NutsPlanet, and Big Child. If you want to make sure you get the right paint for you, check out the review of WarColours new range. Of course, there are plenty of tutorials from painters such as Adrian Hopwood, Justin McCoy, and Donald Johansson.

All that and more for just £1.30.