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Figure Painter Magazine Issue 30 Available Now

You know, the world of hobby gaming is a rather broad topic, when you think of it. Card games, board games, miniatures games, dice games, and even various dexterity-based games. Such is the world of painting. It certainly overlaps a lot with our hobby gaming world. Most noticeably in the miniatures games, but a lot of board games have figures more-than suited to a coat of paint. But painting also has its own less-seen aspects. It's some of those that are covered primarily in this issue of Figure Painter Magazine, available now.

That form of painting is "flachen zinnfiguren" ... and no, I don't know how to pronounce that correctly. Basically, it's flat tin figures. No, it's not just taking a pewter mini and squashing it. Though I have seen people do that. So if you want to know all about these flat tin figures, this is the issue for you.
However, even if you're not interested in that stuff, the issue still has all the regular reviews, painting news, and interviews inside. That includes a tutorial from Adrian Hopwood and another by Davide Rianone.

Go get your copy now.