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Figure Painter Magazine holding Blockhaus82 giveaway

Figure Painter Magazine is holding a giveaway for the new blockhaus82 game, Kolaps.

From the contest:

A new French company, blockhaus82 are releasing a new post-apocalyptic horror game called "Kolaps: Ground Zero" (K:GZ). K:GZ is a skirmish miniature game featuring warriors of the future fighting for the future survival of the Earth. As part of the game they have produced some exquisite miniatures, these are 40mm true-scale so no massive heads and hands, well almost, and 40mm is the future of gaming, trust me!

The concepts are original with the sculpts having been very nicely done with lots of fine detail. The miniatures themselves are in light grey polyurethane resin and are superbly cast, hardly a mould line in sight.

Blockhaus82 have produced ten miniatures to start the ball rolling and guess what, we have a full set to give away. That’s a prize worth €114 (close to £100). All you have to do is send your answers for the following questions to

Question 1: What are the names of the three factions in Kolaps: Ground Zero?

Question 2: From FPM issue one, what was the surprise component used as a base for the Dark Carnival Diorama?

Question 3: What rank is Ivan Boronov?

Question 4: How many separate flesh tones does Barry Ford initially mix for painting Selena?

Please also include your full name and postal address. The contest ends at midnight (UK time) on 14th July 2013 when one winner will be chosen at random from those that answered the questions correctly. The winner will then be contacted via email and announced in the July issue of FPM.