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Figure Painter Magazine #40, Initiative #3 Available Now

The folks over at Robot Pigeon Publishing have certainly been busy. They not only have a new issue of their flagship magazine, Figure Painter Magazine, but also of Initiative. If you're like me and you could really use to increase your ability in painting, you'll want to check them out. Though even if you're regularly painting awesome pieces, there's always something more to learn in the pages of these magazines.

In Initiative issue 3, they go all Rolling Stones with a tutorial on painting it black. But that's not all, of course, there's all sorts of tutorials about things like painting tech bases or faces, or creating woods areas on your gaming table (much more to it than, "open bag of mulch. dump on table"). They have a couple reviews, as usual, including Mansions of Madness 2nd edition and Bushido by GCT Studios.

Meanwhile, over in Figure Painter Magazine 40, they're calling it The Green Skin Edition. That's because there's articles about painting warbosses and charity raffle armies. There's also a grand total of 10 unboxing reviews from companies like Broken Toad, Nuts Planet, and many others. Those and plenty of interviews with some of painting's greatest names.

You can get copies of both of these magazines now.