Figone’s Figopedia up on Indiegogo

By Polar_Bear
In Crowdfunding
Sep 15th, 2014

Figone has launched an Indiegogo campaign for their Figopedia, a tome designed to help you become a better figure painter.



From the campaign:

After the Grand Livre de la Peinture de Figurine [The Big Book of Miniature Painting], co-written with many great names from the miniature painting hobby, Jérémie is back with a new series of books, benefitting from his experience. These books will be published by FIGONE, already known for their creation and distribution of high quality models for collectors and painters.

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  • Space Ghost

    Flexible funding on Indiegogo, so they keep whatever is pledged regardless if this meets it’s goal? No thanks.

    • Lemminkaeinen

      Are you actually afraid that they won’t deliver? I don’t get it.

    • mathieu

      There is no question the goal will be reached. Your concern is utterly irrelevant.

      • Space Ghost

        Your opinion, which you state as an absolute, and therefore try to pass off fact is what is it relevant. In the current climate of crowdfunding in the game industry, and some of the spectacular failures and delays that we have seen, it is prudent for any potential investor to question or show concern. I dislike Indiegogo because they take your funds at the moment you pledge and if you change your mind later it can be difficult to have a full refund. I further this like Indiegogo flexible funding campaigns because they allow the campaign keep the money even if they do not reach their stated goal. If a company states they need X sum of money to produce a product why would they keep half of that some of that was all they raised? Are they stating they can do it with less will they only print extra amount for whatever they did raise? That is not how manufacturing works it is based on volumes of scale in volume produced. In my opinion therefore, A flexible funding campaign is by its nature disingenuous.

      • Space Ghost

        One last question. Did you back the Defiance games kick starter by any chance? There was no doubt they would reach their funding as well.

  • roninjotatan

    correct if the people had a real budget (all of these please fund me projects should) then for them to accomplish their goal of completing there project and giving everyone there items in the quality promised they would have to meet the minimum of there goal and not a penny less. If they are using the flexible funding option this could mean several things…

    they are not confident in reaching there goal but still want the money and will produce a worse product (or none at all) just to get some influx of funds.
    this project is poorly planned out and they don’t have a budget or think they can produce there product on any budget they receive (This means they are poor at project managment and/or planning)
    they are going to produce this product no matter what. they are using the indiegogo stage as a per-ordering system and the rick of producing a flop is migrated from the business to the backers. This means they have little faith in there product selling unless its through a per-ordering and this leaves little space for people to review and criticize it.

  • Hello,

    I’m working with Figone on Figopedia’s campaign.
    I can understand your concerns about Flexible founding.
    We have indicated in the pitch that the books will come out whether we reach our goal or not. The main objective of the campaign is to evaluate the number of initial prints, see if we can add some extra contents.