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Fightin' Fungi Coming to Kickstarter Soon

Ganesha Games will be looking to add Fightin' Fungi to their catalog and they'll be looking to Kickstarter in order to make it happen. The figures could also be used in any fantasy setting game where malignant mold might mangle and murder. The game they hope to fund will be stand-alone, but be fully compatible with the Song of Blades and Heroes as well. However, there will be updated spell rules, as well as new rules for armors and weapons.


From the announcement:

Andrea Sfiligoi, creator of the popular Song of Blades and Heroes miniature skirmish rules is looking to expand the game and create original fungus-men miniatures. These can be used for a stand-alone game or in games of Song of Blades and Heroes.…or pretty much any fantasy game that features mushroom people.

From the early days of Dungeons and Dragons and Japanese cult movie Matango, Mushroom Men have been part of pop culture. But they are underrepresented in 28mm. So now is the chance to fill in this niche.

This campaign will help us create the standalone game, which is fully compatible with the award-winning Song of Blades and Heroes, as a full-color paperback book, a PDF ebook for your tablet devices, and of course the awesome miniatures that will make the Fungus Folk a three-dimensional reality.

The game will be a stand-alone book, so new players can jump right in without any knowledge of prior books. For old fans, it will have a lot of new rules such as Reactions, weapon and armor rules, and a new, vastly improved magic system with a spell list, a feature that many fans of Song of Blades of Heroes have requested.

And this is just the first step - we have plenty of ideas for more original miniatures and new games. So help us make all these things reality.