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Fifth Edition Urban Fantasy Races Guide Now Available

While a lot of us might think of dark forests and faraway dungeons when we think of a Fantasy RPG world, there's plenty that can go on in an urban environment. It doesn't take a sci-fi game to have your characters skulking around a bustling metropolis, looking for whatever horrible things might be going on that they can make right. Well, DMs should make an effort to fix that and bring more campaigns to an urban setting. And Aegis Studios is here to help with their Urban Fantasy Races Guide.

The book uses the 5th Edition Open Gaming License, and as such, works with Dungeons & Dragons. The book has twelve new races and two human subraces to help bring a modern horror and urban fantasy feeling to your game. These races are based off of versions taken from the Contagion series of books. The files are supplied without art, formatting, or borders, so you can use them in any way you want with your own work or publications. So go wild!