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Fiendish Fabrications release Mr Malice

Fiendish Fabrications have added the Mr Malice figure to their Gothica Miniatures range of miniatures. Mr Malice From their announcement:
Ladies and Gentleman and bald headed babies: Welcome to the Carnevil… Fiendish Fabrications proudly Introduces the newest addition to their Gothica Miniatures range: Mr Malice - The Master of the Show. He’s enchanting, captivating and evil to his rotten core. Prepare for sights to make your eyes bleed. Be astounded at the amount of blood one body can contain. Bear witness as he pulls a bunny rabbit out of his hat (but don’t let your children see what happens next!). See him Prestidigitate as no prestidigitator has ever prestidigitated before!!! So be the first to get you ticket to see the Amazing Mr Malice – Master of the Show