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Fiendish Fabrications release Doctor Pazuzu

Doctor PazuzuFiendish Fabrications have added the Doctor Pazuzu figure to their Gothica Miniatures range. From their announcement:
Is there a doctor in the house? Please welcome the newest addition to our Gothica Miniature range – Doctor Pazuzu. Left somewhat debilitated after a failed time travel experiment the once hale and hearty doctor was transmogrified into a foetal like body which still retained the stupendous intellect that it once nurtured. Unfortunately the misfortune that distorted the body also warped the once brilliant mind. Through a series of vile experiments the Doctor eventually created a new body: part flesh and part machine. However, this is said to be but one of his many new disturbing and grotesque creations… This model replaces an older Gothica Miniature – Thaumaturgist Pazu which will no longer be available.