Fiendish Fabrications release Cityscape Modular Building System

Fiendish Fabrications have released the first sets in their Cityscape Modular Building System.

Cityscape Modular Building System

From their announcement:

New from Fiendish Fabrications is their Cityscape Modular Building System.

This system consists of several basic parts (ie: stone walls, roof panels, doors & windows etc…) which can be fitted together to create buildings of any size and shape that you want.

The system is sold as three basic kits – Single Story Building, Double Story Building and a set containing the single and double buildings. Together with their range of expansion parts the modeller is offered the opportunity to build more imaginative and extensive buildings.

Together with the other products available in the Cityscape range, Fiendish Fabrications offers you the opportunity to build yourself a town or city using a simple flexible, system at an affordable price.