Fiendish Fabrications Release a New Game

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Nov 4th, 2011

Fiendish Fabrications release a new game:

From their announcement:

Pillow-A-Go-Go is a game of pillow wielding combat where scantily clad young beauties engage in frenzied action for dominance of the Supra-Kingsize Comfy Divan. It is available as a free PDF download at Fiendish Fabrications. Just go to the website and follow the links.

Players take control of teams of 2 or 3 girls and attempt to knock the stuffing out of their rivals using their pillow fighting skills and a few dirty tricks along the way.

Pillow-A-Go-Go is a very easy to learn miniatures game for 2 to 4 players. It uses a card based mechanic and a fun setting that leaves any serious intentions well and truly behind.

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  • I don’t beleive this.

  • Werewolf8

    Hilarious. Needs some minis though. 8)

  • fee_weasel

    I’m not sure if I can have both this and Fairy Meat in my rules collection. Have to say it’s a funny concept.

    Now I just need to find 4-6 lovely ladies willing to pose as the pieces for a life size game of this at a CON.

  • Sounds hilarious, I’ll definitively check out the rules.. now we need miniatures for it 😉

  • The minis are coming. Hopefully the scupts will be finished and cast next week. They’ll be available as soon as they’re hot out of the mould and posted here.

  • Werewolf8

    Sweet Zombie Jebus. Thank you. 8)

  • Repeter

    Ah, nothing I love more than getting together with my buddies and playing tabletop softcore…

  • keltheos

    Ping me when the LARP rules for this are available.

  • CaffeineBoy

    My mind… is going nowhere good. I’m anxiously looking forward to the minis, though.