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Fiendish Fabrications Hallowe'en Sale

Fiendish Fabrications is having a holiday sale.

From their announcment:

In the lead up to Hallowe’en Fiendish Fabrications is having a sale on their Sinister Scarecrow range of miniatures. The range includes eight different troopers, two leader types, drummer and Standard Bearer. They are available in various sets including a 10 figure Scarecrow Warband.

Sinister scarecrows also make up one of official factions of Kaiju Kaos the game of gigantic Kaiju combat created by Bryan K Borgman. Field them alongside the colossal Gourdzilla or the equally vicious “Son of Gourdzilla”.

So if the full moon hits you and you get the urge to start painting pumpkins, pitchforks or sack-headed automatons have a look at the Sinister Scarecrows.