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Field of Glory and Mad Max Car Races at the RPC 2011

Brueckenkopf Online have announced two new games at the RPC 2011 demo tables. From their announcement:
The Wargaming Clubs Bad Habitz and KoMiCon will be hosting tables again at the T3G. The "Koblenzer Verein für Strategiespiele" will offer demorounds of Field of Glory, a historical wargame ruleset commonly played in 15mm. The Guys from Bad Habitz will run wild desert races with converted matchbox cars in a Mad Max style. Some people will bring their own converted cars to the races, so feel free to grab a car and modify it and bring it along to the RPC! Visit the wargaming demo area, presented by Brueckenkopf Online, at the RPC 2011 on 7th + 8th of May in Hall 2 of Koeln Messe in Cologne. Our news is going public at 0:00 am on 24th in case the news link doesn't work. Thank you very much for the support.