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Field Command Series coming to gamers in the UKand Europe

WorldsForge has reached a distribution agreement with MnP Games Distribution to bring their Field Command range of WWII boardgames to the UK and Europe. From their announcement:
WorldsForge Private Limited and MnP Games Distribution Limited have concluded an agreement to distribute WorldsForge’s Field Command series to the UK and Europe. Under the deal, MnP Games Distribution will be the exclusive distributor for the UK through Christmas 2012. This translates to both convenience and savings for many UK and European gamers, who can now purchase the game directly from local stores instead of through online sources. Field Command: Singapore 1942 is a strategy board game depicting the Battle of Singapore during the Second World War. It is a historically significant battle, which Winston Churchill described as the “worst disaster” in British military history. The game comes with a number of scenarios and with highly detailed play-pieces for three armies – Japanese, British, & Australian. The innovative combat system is designed to be easy to learn for novice gamers and yet provide gameplay variability and depth for the experts. The game will be available to MnP Games Distribution’s retailers starting 11 April 2011.
“The Battle of Singapore is such a significant event in World War II, yet is often overlooked,” said Paul Evans, Managing Director of MnP Games Distribution. “It is a pleasure to make a game of this quality available to gamers in the UK and Europe.” “Singapore was formerly a British Crown Colony and we had always felt that Field Command: Singapore 1942 should be of especial interest to players in the United Kingdom. The battle itself must have left an indelible mark on British defence policy and British military history. Hence, we are very happy to be able to bring our Field Command series closer to UK and European wargamers through our partnership with MnP Games Distribution,” said Mr. Khoo Yik Lin, CEO of WorldsForge. “We hope that UK and European players will find our game both enjoyable and relevant.” UK and European gamers and retailers who are interested in the game or the series may wish to visit “” and “” for more details.