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FG MiniZ previews Prussian Mounted Colonel green

FG MiniZ gives us a preview of their upcoming model line with a look at the green for a Prussian Mounted Colonel.

From the preview:

Our Indiegogo Campaign has been launched from few days and I want to warmly thank all the gentlemen who have trusted us.

Ebob has kindly sent us the first picture of the unfinished green of our first mounted Colonel.
There is still some work to do but I hope you will enjoy it.

I would like to detail some points about the advantages of participating our campaign.

Beyond the fact that the foot figure can come as low as 1.18 € and that you will receive at least 1 promo figure “The Wounded Grenadiers” depending on the perk you choose, there is what we have called “ The Backer Development Program” which can be translated as a kind of “Fidelity Program for our First Contributors”.

You will receive a special newsletter, the right to pre-order new figures with special discounts even before they are announced by usual advertising, the possibility to enter contest to have a chance to win figures painted by renown painters and opportunities to buy special figures only available to members of the Backer Program.