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FG MiniZ makes it to their funding goal on Indiegogo

FG MiniZ has made it to their funding goal on Kickstarter for their1806-1807 Prussians over on Indiegogo. They've still got 12 days left, so it's stretch goals from here on out.

From the update:

Thank you very much to all who participates in our campaign and who kindly placed their confidence in our project. Thanks to all the people who spread the word about our campaign on TMP, Facebook and their blogs. And thank you very much fro all the advice given for enhancing our project.

It is great to have reached this limit before the end of the campaign BUT it must not be an achievement.

There are still a lot of beautiful things to unlock: to give a boost to our project we have decided to make something on our side.

We are going to change the stretch goals: 9000 € and 10000 € for Jaegers and Battalion Artillery do not change but we have decided that Hussars in Mirliton and Busby with their command will be unlocked at 11500 € rather than 13000 € ( ie 12 cavalrymen), the 3 Generals and AdCs will be unlocked at 13000 € rather than 15000 € , and the new infantry phase that is to say 36 new figures in charging/advancing poses will be unlocked at 16000 € rather than 18000 €.

I hope these changes will encourage some new participations.