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FFG World of Warcraft licence expires

Fantasy Flight Games have announced that their licence to produce games based on the World of Warcraft computer game has expired. From their website:
After nearly ten years of publishing best-selling board games based in Blizzard Entertainment’s popular fantasy realm, we at Fantasy Flight Games must announce that our licensing agreement for all Warcraft products has expired. We are immensely proud of Warcraft: The Board Game, World of Warcraft: The Board Game, and World of Warcraft: The Adventure Game. Each of these product lines presented its own unique perspective on Blizzard’s beloved setting, and offered countless hours of enjoyment to our loyal fans. We’d like to thank Blizzard Entertainment for conceiving the rich lore of Warcraft; the vibrant world of Azeroth provided acres of fertile creative ground to our eager designers. We’d also like to thank them for such a long and fruitful partnership. It was our honor to have been even a small part of Warcraft’s impact on our culture, and along with millions of other fans, we at FFG look forward to Blizzard’s future endeavors. Finally, our deepest thanks go to the players, whose dedication to these three board games helped make them some of our most popular titles ever. We’re confident that their engaging stories of adventure and warfare will continue to entertain fans for years to come. Thanks again for your continued support.