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FFG to re-release Kingdoms

Kingdoms box artFantasy Flight Games have announced the upcoming re-release of the Kingdoms boardgame. From their website:
Fantasy Flight Games is excited to announce the upcoming release of Reiner Knizia’s Kingdoms, a board game in which two to four players struggle for control of a vast medieval empire! First published by Fantasy Flight Games in 2002, Kingdoms has been updated in this comprehensive new version to feature detailed plastic castles, a streamlined ruleset, and other welcome game enhancements. In Kingdoms, players assume the roles of rival kings trying to increase their wealth by establishing castles across the land. By building castles in the richest regions, you stand to reap the most rewards. But build carefully! The most sought after regions may be infested with dragons, trolls, or other hazards that seek to rob your kingdom of its riches. This engaging board game of wealth and expansion offers a rapid and strategic contest of wits in which players attempt to outthink and outmaneuver each other, all while ensuring the best positions for themselves.