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FFG October 2011 releases

Fantasy Flight Games has posted a set of tentative releases for October 2011.
  • CT15e Call of Cthulhu Forgotton Lore: Dunwich Denizens
  • CT49 COC Ancient Relics: The Breathing Jungle
  • DT030 Dust Tactics: Scwher Grenadiers Ausf
  • DT031 Dust Tactics: Red Devils
  • GOT78 A Game of Thrones Tourney for the Hand
  • GW03 Blood Bowl Team Manager
  • MEC07 Lord of the Rings LCG: Return to Mirkwood
  • NAD02 Golem Novel
  • NAH04 Dance of the Damned
  • RT08 Rogue Trader: Fallen Suns
  • RW02 Runewars: Banners of War
  • TH17 Tannhauser: Itami
  • WHC25 Warhammer: Invasion: The Iron Rock