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FFG March 2011 releases

Fantasy Flight Games have announced the following March 2011 releases.
  • BW04 Battles of Westeros: Lords of the River
  • BW06 Battles of Westeros: Tribes of the Vale
  • CT21E Call of Cthulhu: Antidelluvian Dreams (Expanded) Asylum Deck
  • CT22E Call of Cthulhhu: Terror of the Tides (Expanded) Asylum Deck
  • CT25 Bag of Cthulhu
  • CT42 Call of Cthulhu: Initiations of the Favored Asylum Deck
  • DH13 Dark Heresy: The Black Sepulchre
  • DT011 Dust Tactics: Kommandotrupp Expansion
  • DT012 Dust Tactics: The Boss Expansion
  • RT09 Rogue Trader: Battlefleet Koronus
  • VA81 Runebound: The Essential Collection
  • WHC17 Warhammer Invasion: The Chaos Moon Battle Pack