FFG Gen Con 2011 day 3 video recap

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Aug 6th, 2011
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Fantasy Flight Games have posted a video recap of the third day of GenCon 2011.

From their website:

With the highest attendance of the weekend, Saturday at Gen Con 2011 offered non-stop excitement. The Fantasy Flight Games booth was packed with visitors eager to learn more about our upcoming projects, while others flocked to our demos of A Game of Thrones: The Board Game Second Edition, Gears of Warâ„¢: The Board Game, Elder Sign, and dozens more! And in the Event Hall, worthy victors emerged from our gripping world championship tournaments for both A Game of Thrones: The Card Game and Dust Tactics.

  • Hey, that’s me, my brother, and one of our friends at 0:10! Six of us went as a INquisitorial Retinue from Dark Heresy/40K. Too bad they didn’t get the Techpriest in it; he was amazing! The actual designer/writer of Dark Crusade came out and got a picture with us, but alas, no free swag.

    If you were there Saturday, you most likely heard me preaching or or the Psyker doing his stuff. Awesome.